Capstone Vineyards

Capstone Vineyards crafts small-production wines of exceptional quality, expressive of the land, vines, and people. Visit Capstone’s small family-owned tasting room and see for yourself how this elevated site is producing elevated wines by Capstone’s farmers, and stewards of the beautiful land. Each vintage bottle is a reflection of a unique time and place, unadulterated and pure.

About :

Capstone Vineyards was sold to three local families with a history of farming and winemaking in Virginia. Theo Smith, Douglas McCarthy and Matthew Akers will carry on the tradition of excellence of Capstone Vineyards small-production wines.

Varietals: Right now Capstone serves 4 wines: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, a sparkling made from Monticello fruit, and a Chenin-Chardonnay blend.


 Hours:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 5pm.

Children / Under Age:  


Outside Food:  

Food Service:  

Reservations:  Groups larger than 6 require a reservation.

Private Events:  Contact to schedule a visit or to inquire about The Club at Capstone.

Tastings:  Open to the public for tastings Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 5pm. During the week we’re in the vineyard and are available for tastings by appointment.